Table of contents

Introduction  (explanation)

A list ::: …a glossary

George Carlin on our Owners and Education

Age segregation

Child labor and age segregation

Age segregation is an anomaly

Race and school

‘Education’ is a ruse.

School is just a convention

A thought about testing

Truants recognize or sense their being ‘dis-ed’

Tutoring– a function of dysfunction, like charity

Structural Objective

League of Women Voters of California — Education Fund — Alameda County, CA

A position paper — L.A.U.G.H. O.E. Let’s all unite to gain heaven on Earth   — To know we can demand it all

November 2, 2010 Election LoWV information pages

Teach for transformation, not for replication

Refuse to grow up into the abhorrent morally neutral pragmatism of those running the establishment

Comics (they’re not funny!) Reform – now that’s funny (well… sad)

Science, the name of a field wherein capitalism has told people they can get a job

On Common Core Curriculum

My mistake about Common Core

Another ‘Freedom School’

Learning teaching living loving for people to do age integrated

The reason for writing these commentaries

The right to teach-er

I once took a TV course

The other way to ‘Reading’

The church via school, public school

…and s/he never had a lesson

On stealing credit HARPER’S MAGAZINE / AUGUST 2012 Easy Chair A Matter of Degrees By Thomas Frank

1 Comment at a panel

So many experienced teachers…!

Hard work – work hard …. and ‘opportunity’

Following our higher calling

A 2014 LoWV Candidates’ forum at the Berkeley Media Center

People create jobs for themselves by publishing the performance data they collect

The Political Economy of Dyslexia


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